The Time is Now – Make COP Count

2021 is a crucial year for climate action. The COP26 negotiations in November 2021 represent perhaps the last opportunity to keep the world below 1.5 degrees of warming – an opportunity that must not be missed.

Faith groups have a powerful responsibility to take action on climate, both because of our engagement with the poorest communities around the world who are already suffering most, and because the climate crisis is an existential threat. It affects humanity at the deepest level, raising profound questions about our relationship with the living world. We must all try to find the moral courage to confront these questions, and to transform ourselves and our society.

The COP Faiths Task Group brings together a wide range of members of different faith traditions from across the country. We are working together to help ensure that this COP makes a real difference and helps the world to combat catastrophic climate change. These pages reflect our commitment to working together to bring about a just and sustainable society where wellbeing is not sacrificed for profit. As representatives of UK faith communities, we are calling upon government, faith leaders and faith communities to put these messages at the heart of their response to the climate crisis.

Come back soon for more information about our priorities:

  • Transformation

  • Advocacy

  • Hospitality

In the meantime, for general inquiries, contact Shanon Shah, Director, Faith for the Climate. For questions about the Task Group’s specific plans and objectives, contact Rachel Mander, COP26 Liaison Lead, Faith for the Climate.

Call To Action