Climate Action

This page highlights the work of just a few of our members (more are featured on the capacity building and faith resources pages) and provides a snapshot of the depth, breadth and diversity of faith based action for the climate across the U.K. 

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Eco Synagogue is a Jewish community response to the climate crisis that actively encourages environmental sustainability in synagogues and beyond. It is a cross-denominational project with synagogues from each of the movements invited to participate. Eco Synagogue promoted and hosted the first ever UK Green Kiddush in October 2018, and initiated Green Shabbat for the inaugural London Climate Action Week 1-8 July 2019.

Islamic Relief UK (IRUK) is the world’s largest Muslim NGO/aid organisation, working to save and transform lives across the globe. Inspired by Islamic teachings, we recognise climate change as one of the greatest moral, social and environmental issues facing humanity today. IRUK support communities' resilience through climate change adaption and disaster risk reduction work with communities most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. IRUK also improve learning on environmental issues amongst our staff and supporters, mobilising the Muslim community to take action to tackle climate change. IRUK partnered with eight leading Muslim scholars around the world to initiate the first international Islamic declaration on climate change. IRUK is a founder member of the Muslim Climate Action, and a member of the Climate Coalition.

CAFOD is part of one of the largest aid networks in the world. Climate change poses a huge threat to poverty eradication and evidence from CAFOD’s 42 partner countries shows that a changing climate is making it more difficult for poor communities to lift themselves out of poverty. We all have a part to play in the response, so we are encouraging Catholics in England and Wales to get involved in the Our Common Home campaign: this includes holding a Creation Celebration (a Mass and shared meal) and signing Home campaign: this includes holding a a petition, using our resources such as an inspiring film showcasing young climate campaigners from around the world, a film explaining what ‘net zero’ means, a parish activity poster promoting ways to cut carbon and a Grace Dice to say climate themed prayers and questions before meals.

Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual movement, seeking to address the climate crisis through a shift in individual consciousness. Their environment initiative encourages greater understanding and awareness of the role of consciousness and lifestyle in environmental issues, within our own organisation, as well as collaborating and learning from others through dialogue, partnerships, UN conferences and local initiatives. With its sister organisation, the World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST), Brahma Kumaris conducts training, research and development in renewable energy technologies including investing in renewable energy sources in India.

A Rocha UK (ARUK) is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world and committed to mobilising Christians and churches in the UK to care for the  environment. Our main programmes – Wild Christian , Eco Church, Partners in Action – alongside our urban and rural nature reserves, aim to help Christians enjoy, nurture and protect nature as an everyday expression of their faith. This is our response to the biblical mandate to care for the earth, evermore important in a time of climate and species crisis.  

Quakers are a faith group committed to working for equality and peace. We are work with campaigners and other faith communities to call for political action for climate justice. Quakers in Britain, our central body, supports Quakers across the country to engage with decision makers, resist fossil fuel extraction and build a just economy.  In 2011 we made a collective commitment to become a low-carbon, sustainable community. Best link is to

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency working in 50 countries around the world. Climate change is a key priority for Tearfund because of its disproportionate impact on people living in poverty. Tearfund continues to be a pioneering voice calling for Governments to tackle the root causes of climate change, as well as working with communities to build their resilience. Tearfund also encourages Christians to speak out on this and other issues of injustice, and to make changes to their own lifestyle to tackle the climate crisis, including through films about how we can each play our part, blogs written by supporters such as 'Spain by train not by plane' and guides from staff including: 'six reasons why you should switch to solar'.

Operation Noah is a Christian charity working with the Church to inspire action on climate change. Our work is informed by the latest science on climate change, its causes, impacts and solutions. We are faith-motivated, science-informed and hope-inspired.

To find out more about Operation Noah’s Bright Now campaign.

The Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) was founded in 1993 to promote fellowship and dialogue among UK Buddhists, across denominations. In 2012 the NBO initiated Buddhist Action Month, encouraging Buddhists of all traditions to take their practice out into the world in actions for social justice and the environment, for the benefit of all beings. BAM 2019 focussed on action on climate change and saw Buddhists around the country (and around the world) taking part in green retreats, local environmental actions, meditation for the climate in public in city centres, and many acts of personal lifestyle change.

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