Faith for the Climate exists to encourage, inspire and equip faith communities in their work on climate change. ​ Climate Change is the biggest and most urgent challenge facing humanity. People of faith see creation as a gift, and believe we have a sacred responsibility to care for and protect the Earth’s climate for future generations​ Faith communities have a unique and precious role to play, in our work and witness, alongside and in partnership with secular environmental organisations, enabling people of faith to live out their calling by acting to protect the climate.


We are seeking an Interim Network Coordinator and Communications Officer for four months, pending recruitment to more permanent roles later in the year. The successful applicant(s) will have excellent communication, interpersonal and organisational skills, excellent writing skills, with a track record in writing for online communications and social media, and a demonstrable commitment to multi-faith working and action on climate change.

We are open to the possibility of both roles being carried out by the same person.

Faith for the Climate Interim Network Coordinator

1 day/week. 4 month post, starting 1st March 2020

Faith for the Climate Interim Communications Officer

4 hours/week. 4 month post, starting 1st March 2020

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