No Faith in Fossil Fuels interfaith walk

18 Feb 2024

Christian Climate Action and other members of the Faith Bridge at the Oily Money action, 18 Oct 2023 (pic: Shanon Shah)

As part of the No Faith in Fossil Fuels Lent Vigil (14-24 Feb), Faith for the Climate is partnering with Christian Climate Action for an interfaith walk from St John’s Church in Waterloo to Parliament Square. This will be the interfaith component of the 10-day vigil.

Here are the details for the interfaith walk:

When? We will start gathering at noon on Sunday 18th Feb 2024.

Where? The walk will commence at the entrance of St John’s Church in Waterloo (73 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY), and head to the Gandhi statue in Parliament Square, London.

Why? Heatwaves, fires, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent in the British Isles and around the world, wrecking lives, land, and livelihoods.

Meanwhile, the biggest polluters who have caused this crisis make vast profits from fossil fuels. The poorest, who have done the least to cause the problem, are paying the price.

As the climate crisis wreaks havoc in our world, people of faith are increasingly drawn to our traditions and practices, including prayer and meditation. Alongside all the other actions we are taking, we have faith in their transformative power in the midst of injustice.

We will hear prayers and reflections from: 

Faith for the Climate is pleased to join our Christian members during Lent as they open up this space for an interfaith focus on the climate emergency. This is part of a more participatory 10-day ecumenical Christian vigil that aims at inspiring us all, especially our politicians in a crucial election year, to make the changes needed.