Gearing Up for Glasgow: Faith, Climate Action and COP26

The UK hosts the United Nations Climate Change summit (COP26) this November 2022, where governments will gather to negotiate the future of our planet. Civil society groups, including faith communities, are ramping up their actions on climate justice in the lead up to COP26.

Many of us have been involved in several excellent workshops and webinars equipping us with the information and skills we need to act. Delivered in partnership with the COP26 Coalition and the Make COP Count Coalition, this online session will provide an open, flexible space for you to join up with others who want to take similar actions. Be prepared to come with ideas and plans to work with others and to form connections organically.

We want the session to provide you with the space to develop the networks and relationships you need to take action. When you register, tell us what themes or ideas you would like the breakout rooms to hold. You will be able to move between breakout rooms throughout the session, or join new ones based on new themes or actions that emerge.


Tuesday 1st June, 6.30 – 8pm

This session is ideal for you if you are:

  • Based in the UK, or work with groups based in the UK
  • A person of (any!) faith and/or would like to work with faith communities
  • Focusing on COP26 in your work on climate change

You will:

  • Join with climate activists from different faith traditions linking up on a geographical, tactical or issue basis
  • Explore and engage with in-depth conversations to enable exciting plans to emerge
  • Have opportunities to move with other faith activists from mobilising for events to organising your own actions
  • Connect your climate activism with the work of Make COP Count, the COP26 Coalition and the wider climate justice movement.


  • 6.30 Welcome and introductions
  • 6.45 Breakout discussions
  • 7.30 Plenary feedback
  • 7.40 Announcements and sharings: Make COP Count and the COP26 Coalition
  • 8.00 Close

How do you sign up?

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