Loss & Damage Photo Exhibition

Watch this video introducing the exhibition

Visit this exclusive photo exhibition at St John’s Waterloo (73 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY) this June, to discover the stories of people at the sharp end of catastrophic climate change.

Come and learn more about the fossil fuel industry who are responsible for this crisis. Leave feeling inspired to take action to make the polluters pay for the harm they have caused and the damages they continue to perpetuate.

The exhibition features six panels that highlight:

  • The dangerous new era of climate impacts
  • The impacts of non-economic loss and damage
  • Where loss and damage is occurring and who is being affected
  • How we ended up in this era of climate injustice and who is responsible for creating this damage
  • How the loss and damage fund should help local communities rebuild, restore or relocate following loss and damage
  • What we can all do to fight for climate justice and make polluters pay for the damage they have caused

If you are interested, this exhibition is available for your group to borrow and display – contact Make Polluters Pay. We’d like to share the exhibition far and wide and encourage more people to join the fight for climate justice!

Why not make an outing of it and visit the exhibition during our interfaith picnic for the Great Big Green Week, 9 June?