Making COP count as UK faith groups

Thursday, 15 April 2021, 2-3pm BST
Host: Canon Giles Goddard, Chair, Faith for the Climate

04:55 Olivia Hanks, Quakers in Britain – What are UK faith groups working on COP26 asking for?

15:56 Luke Harman, Christian Aid – What’s the G7 got to do with it?

22:43 Dr Shanon Shah, Faith for the Climate – On-the-ground actions (from G7 to COP26)

35:37 Q&A

2021 is a mammoth year of action on the climate emergency, building up to the crucial UN conference in Glasgow (COP26) in November.

For people of faith in the UK, how is COP26 relevant to us and our communities? How can we make an impact, wherever we are?

Watch this webinar to find out, especially if you:

  • Are a community faith leader or work with faith leaders
  • Hold an environmental/sustainability portfolio with your faith community or organisation
  • Are just curious about how to get involved!

Hear from the Faith for the Climate core team, Christian Aid, Quakers in Britain and more.

This event is now past, but you can see the recording at the link above.