Sacred People, Sacred Earth – Global Day of Action

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Host: Rosh Lal (Faith for the Climate)

02:05 Dr Shanon Shah (Faith for the Climate)

09:24 Satya Robin (XR Buddhists/Faith Vigil)

18:22 Ramila Chauhan (Hindu Climate Action)

22:20 Imam Emad Choudhury (the Bahu Trust)

30:22 Dr. Hardeep Singh (EcoSikh UK).

38:12 Canon Giles Goddard (Faith for the Climate)

If you’ve been wondering how you can gear up for this mammoth year of climate action, start by putting 11 March – the Sacred People, Sacred Earth global day of climate action – in your diaries! People like you all over the world, from diverse religious communities, are doing amazing things. This is an opportunity for us all to join together and to celebrate each other.

As a partner-founder of GreenFaith International, Faith for the Climate is delighted to host/co-host two inspiring events:

At 2.30pm, we are honoured to collaborate with the Brahma Kumaris UK to offer an hour’s online meditation with visuals and silent reflective spaces. According to the Brahma Kumaris, “By honouring our inner sanctity we can become a loving presence on the Earth, caring for and nurturing our environment, and all living creatures.” Register here.

At 7pm, we will host a reflective interfaith gathering for the intertwining issues of protecting biodiversity and strengthening our communities to take climate action. Hear from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities in the UK as we demonstrate the unity of our hearts within the diversity of our perspectives. This is an opportunity to reflect and to share in the prayers, meditations and reflections to restore your spirit. Register here.

We’re also proud to support and promote the following events and actions on the day:

At 10amFootsteps – Faiths for a Low Carbon Future are holding a webinar, “Local to Global: the power of interfaith action for the climate – an example from Birmingham”. The webinar will give an example of how members of different faiths can join together in climate action in a big city, in particular in influencing the city council to fulfil its climate emergency commitments. Speakers include Chris Martin, Footsteps representative on Birmingham City Council’s climate emergency task force and a Quaker, amongst others. Register here.

At noonChristian Climate Action (CCA) are encouraging the ringing of church bells (if permitted in your location). People can also go to their doorsteps to make a noise – clap, bang on drums or pans, or ring bells. There’s a flyer that you can put in your window – download the front and reverse sides. CCA are asking for church prayers that week to include “those suffering from the worst effects of climate change, ecological destruction and social injustice; especially the most vulnerable in the Global South”. For more information, contact CCA.

UPDATED: Also at noon, join a multi-faith one-hour mantra-thon on Zoom, “Sounding the Alarm”. The organisers say, “XR Buddhists UK will be taking part in this global interfaith event by hosting a mantra singing event, across traditions, dedicating our practice to the Earth and compassion for all beings. All welcome! For more info, including Zoom link, go to”

Do register for any (or all) of these events. And if you’re interested in organising your own events or actions, it’s simple:

Step 1: Check out GreenFaith International’s Day of Action Details page, which has everything you need to plan your action.

Step 2: Join GreenFaith International’s final training call on 3 March. It’s totally fine if this is your first time – there will be specific breakout sessions for people just getting started and for those who’ve already organised their action. Everything will be covered – from planning an action quickly to attracting media attention.

Step 3: Register your action here!

Whatever you do, remember to amplify your actions by posting on social media using #Faiths4Climate #SacredPeopleSacredEarth.

We’ll also announce updates with new actions and events leading up to 11 March on social media – stay tuned.

This event is now past, but you can see the recordings at the links above.