SGI-UK and the Centre for Applied Buddhism present: How Can We Make COP Count?

How are faith communities preparing for COP? And what more can they do?

What is it?

In the run up to COP26, the crucial UN climate talks this November, join us for a conversation about what faith communities are and could be doing to make this a turning point.


  • Olivia Hanks, Economics and Sustainability Programme Manager, Quakers in Britain
  • Shanon Shah, Director, Faith for the Climate
  • Alexandra Masako Goossens-Ishii, Programme Coordinator, SGI Office for UN Affairs

This is part of a series of webinars that SGI-UK and the Centre for Applied Buddhism are organising from October 2020 until COP26 in November 2021.


Wednesday, 29th September, 7-8.30pm BST


This event is now past.