Women, the environment and sustainability

The climate crisis has disproportionate impacts on different people. Women especially are effected by the effects of the climate crisis and environmental degradation. This University of Birmingham event will look at the impact climate change is having on women, and innovative solutions being generated and researched into resolving this issue.


We’re really proud to announce that this event features two of our Trustees. It will be hosted by Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal, and Dr Husna Ahmad OBE, is also presenting at the event.

They will be joined by the leadership team of UN Women UK, Baroness Verma, Chair of the Board and Claire Barnett, Executive Director. There will also be representatives from Eco-Sikh – one of the capacity building groups we work with closely – and Professor Aleks Cavoski presenting her research on gender perspectives in environmental and climate policies.


Tuesday 7th June, 6 – 8pm

How do I attend?

For more information and to register please go here.