About Us

Our Mission

Faith for the Climate exists to encourage, inspire and equip faith communities in their work on climate change. Climate Change is the biggest and most urgent challenge facing humanity.

People of faith recognise creation as a gift, and that we have a sacred responsibility to care for and protect the Earth’s climate for future generations

Faith communities have a unique and precious role to play, in our work and witness, alongside and in partnership with secular environmental organisations, enabling people of faith to live out their calling by acting to protect the climate.

The Faith for the Climate Network is a space for people of faith working on climate change - from lay people and activists, to Bishops, Priests, Rabbis and Imams, to CEOs and professionals working in faith based NGOs - to come together, learn from one another, encourage and support one another in our faith based work on climate change.

There is something unique and precious about each faith tradition, and in the inspiration and commitment that faith provides for work on the climate.

We welcome and celebrate the diversity in our motivations for, expressions of, and work on the climate; and we know that faith communities, by coming together, have a powerful witness, voice and role to play in the wider climate movement.

By coming together, we enable all our work to be even more than the sum of it’s parts, both in encouraging and equipping each faith community to continue to reach out within their own community, to leaders and people of faith not yet engaged on climate change; and together to speak up on national campaigns in the media and with politicians.

For our members, care for creation is a sacred responsibility. As one respondent said in our recent research with network members “if not us, then who?”

What we do

We send out monthly e-news, and bring our members together in annual events and termly network meetings, to connect with and support one another in faith based action for the climate, hearing from inspirational speakers and providing opportunities for training.

We support people of every faith, and every kind of faith based action for the climate, advocacy and prayer, lifestyle change and meditation, shareholder engagement and divestment, through to non violent direct action for the climate.

The Faith for the Climate Network is currently hosted by The Bridge at Waterloo, registered charity 1167768, based at St John's Church Waterloo, while we pursue registration as a separate charity. 

The Faith for the Climate Network has over 150 members, including faith based organisations and individual faith leaders and activists working on climate change, on a voluntary or professional basis. 

Membership of the network is open to any faith based organisation, and people of every faith, working on climate change. Membership is free, although many of our larger organisational members generously contribute to the cost of our small secretariat.

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